Saturday, September 1, 2018


I had the wonderful pleasure to see Starbright Wonders fashion show on Saturday afternoon. Her designs are highly detailed and envelop you in fabric that can transition from summer to fall! Let’s talk a walk down the catwalk and explore her beautiful line of clothing:
Starbright draws her inspiration draws her from her surroundings and friends that she cherishes.  Her ideas come quickly and “can also be something as cool as a sim I find, and I just want to make an outfit that fits there.”  This collection has all of that!

Our first model is Resmay Bloodstorm in a retro age suit characterized by chic vintage leg cuts and a gathered bodice that creates a sweetheart shape. The stretch fabric makes it extremely versatile in its applications with a firm but stretchy texture.  So once water hits it, there is no saggy areas. Perfect attire for swimming. In this outfit you will be as bright as the summer flowers along the countryside.  

Next up, is Kim wearing Luna Splash! The crisscrossed patter on the front of this suit gives the hint of a bikini while preserving the one piece look.   The Crossover panels lend a wrapped effect to this off-shoulder swimwear bikini showing off every curve nicely.   The Matching bottoms can be worn in either high-waisted or low-rise and gives a unique look either way. The only thing bluer than this beautiful outfit will be the ocean itself.
Lady Elana has one of the lovely CrissCross swimsuits. This swimsuit is in  green and is called hemp.
Double-layered, the pieces can be worn both as a swimsuit and as a fashion item combined with skirts or trousers etc. This outfit proves that Green isn't just for spring time, but for anytime.

Foxie struts her stuff in this Fully Lined , elastic through the back suit that  adds additional support for this strapless suit look. Moderate coverage makes this 'One Piece  Strapless' with a gold skull is irresistible. She looks amazing and will definitely turn heads!  If you are looking for a swimsuit that says: "stylish, yet I'm a little bit dangerous," then this is the swimsuit for you!

Liberty Lighthouse to the runway wearing the Ema Peacock Dress. The dress is form fitting in a beautiful green. Perfect for a summer night dinner or a Fall brunch. The dress is sleeveless with a high T-neck collar which you can accessorize  with a scarf or your favorite jewelry. Sexy and classy says it all with this lovely dress.
Casie is wearing the famous Marilyn Monroe dress. You can't get more inspired than this little number! This dress has spaghetti straps, a mid-length hem, and flowing skirt with a print that is perfect for Fall.   The beautiful image of Marilyn on the print will give any lady the ability to exude confidence just like the actress herself.   Just like Marily Monroe you will think that Diamonds are forever as you wear this outfit.   

QueenBrat has on Dani Pinstripes two piece outfit. The tops is a strapless bra with pretty white lace under the bust. The skirt is worn on the hips and also has white lace  on the hem. Perfect for a date out on the town because she will feel so sexy and gorgeous in this outfit! Be Careful to not be caught staring to hard, because you can barely take your eyes off of her in this outfit!

Resmay and she is wearing the Simple Classic Black Dots dress. 
This one pencil straight line chiffon skirt dress that is so pretty and flattering! It's fully lined with a semi-sheer chiffon overlay covered in adorable polka dots!  The modest skirt is slightly above the knee-length. The flat front waistline looks great with a tucked-in blouse, and the back waistline has stretch elastic for the perfect fit. Slip-on style, no zipper. That is perfection!

Kimberly sports a delightful interpretation of the "little black dress" that every woman should own, just this one happens to be in purple. This ultra-soft crushed velvet features tone on tone design  with spaghetti straps, a deep V-neck creates a sweetheart bodice with a  stretchy low back and zipper at back.   This outfit with its night sky look will have everyone wondering if their dreams will come true.   

You'll see Lady Elana again in the next flare of beauty from the orient in the May Kimono. This is denoted as a dress, but can easily be paired with pants to create a more conservative outfit! Stylish with its black and red design and wide cummerbund, this is suited both for casual or dress-up wear and is perfect for any season with black slacks or skirt. Sexy, beautiful, and exotic describes this outfit to perfection.

Foxie is in a mermaid silhouette dress of green. Designed to impress, this dress features an open abdomen below the bodice. With the belly button visible, it makes for a very tantalizing look. Thin straps, princess seams, and bold styling makes this a must for your wardrobe. There are some dresses that just recall all those places that drives a person wild, and this dress is one of them.

Liberty Lighthouse wearing the Amber Black Flowers Gown. This gown is simply gorgeous sporting Spaghetti straps and a form fitting top with a flowing skirt. The dress is black with a beautiful flower texture giving you so many options with the dress! Casual or Elegant you will feel amazing in this gown. No matter if you dress it up or down you will feel like an elegant lady in this heavenly gown!

  You see ZeeZee in a jewel-blue-lace gown. This gown is form fitting with a slit on the side to show off your legs. You will feel like Cinderella wearing this gown as the jewels in the gown glitter and shout for attention! You will be able to dance the night away feeling beautiful and confidant!

Casi shows off the Amber Smoke Gown.   The gown has hues of black, green and white with a silver belt, and just demands attention wherever you go. With a flowing skirt and sexy low-cut back, this gown reveals just enough to capture everyone’s attention!

Last but certainly not least, we have QueenBrat back wearing the Fairytale Waves Gown.  This gown is stunning with its sweetheart neckline. Pile on the jewelry and accessorize at will when you step out with this hot number on your body! The skirt flows with a printed blue hue that draws the eyes to all the right spots! Any woman wearing this dress will be the princess in a fairy tale!

The models were wearing their own hair, jewelry, and other accessories, so I could give credit for all those items!
Thanks to all the models:
Resmay Bloodstrom, KimberlyAnn Bieler, Lady Elana Ling, Foxie Love, Liberty Lighthouse, Zexxxy Xaris, Cassandra1983 Resident, and QueenBrat Bracken.
The Model Company: Audace Fashion Models represented by Sidney Abbot:

To get to know our designer a bit better I asked a few questions and requested her to write up a small bio with the answers.  Here is that bio from the fabulous designer Starbright Wonder:
" Hmm things that inspire me, well honestly that depends on the day.  Many of my friends inspire my outfits, but it can also be something as cool as a sim i find, and i just want to make an outfit that fits there.  It could be an event that my friend Roxy's, as well. It quite literally could be anything.

I got started making clothes when i started in 2009, but I got distracted as most do and didn't like how things were turning out.  However I decided to restart this year and I am letting my love of fashion i have had since a kid where I sketched clothes on sheets of paper for my dolls inspire me.

I feel that if you have been in sl long enough that you try everything once, and then you find what you really like and go back to it, and now i have finally found what inspires me.  With the support of my family and friends, I have finally found what will keep me going.
Starbright Wonder."