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So, what do you like about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland? Alice, the Madhatter, the Rabbit with his old style pocket-watch, the Jabberwocky, the Queen screaming "off with your head!" All these and more images popped into my head and made me smile fondly at how my imagination sucked up every word written by Lewis Carroll.
As I searched for Wonderland adventures in the Destination guide, I reflected how I should reread those popular tales of Alice. I was ready for an adventure and to see how the imagination of SL builders portrayed and bought Carroll's story to life.
My first trek was to Dysphoria This sim has been around for a few years, so I was curious to see what I would find.  The atmosphere is dark and brooding when you first step up to the Rabbit Hole.

I was excited to take the leap into the rabbit hole. The plunge down to the bottom was exhilarating.
The little trip is not too long and you don't have to just walk right into the hole! That little feature may seem small, but you really don't need any animations to stumble into a hole!

 Upon arriving, the room opened up into a large area that portrayed the huge checkered floor and antique wallpaper that is so much like my memories of Wonderland! The big inviting table with just an old skeleton key perched way up high on it's glass face and the small vial of liquid and the cake tempted me! To eat or to drink? The size of the room made me feel so tiny just like Alice was.
My mind smiled with reflections of all my childhood memories. I could almost smell the wonderful pages of the book as I looked around. But...and oh so sadly, there is a fee to explore further.  A little more than $1.00 in RL, the sim charges $200L to join the group Dysphoria.  Because I wanted to give this sim a fair shake and explore the area, I did pay the join fee. Now with that done, I crawled into the little door that would lead me to another dimension!

This sim grew into a heavily wooded and dark atmosphere immediately. I was alarmed but inquisitive to see how this creator interpreted Carroll's world.  Although dark and gloomy, the sim was done up with great colors and a few highlights of animate objects. Right away I stumbled upon the Cheshire cat grinning at me from afar.  
 There was a great deal of just walking and exploring.  This is very characteristic of how Alice stumbled along her many adventures. I kept a good look out for wordly interations, but did not find too many. The thought that I paid for such an excursion over ran the attempted design trying to be reached in Dysphoria.  My travel through the sim lead me to various settings of the Mad Hatter's table, a large rabbit with a twitching nose, and structures of the Queen's palace.  I was hoping that I might have to run away from the Jabberwocky, but alas, I only met up with some moaning ghosts.  The forest turned into more of a Halloween debacle with little pit stops of Wonderland-like furniture from point to point.  That is when I became disappointed and finished my tour of the sim.  With an asking fee, I found that I was very disenchanted and desperately searched for anything that might sway me from wondering why the sim had not been updated to match all the descriptions that I so eagerly read in the SL Destination Guide.  But, sometimes that happens!
So, I teleported to the next sim that promised me an adventure similar to Alice, and it did not disappoint!

Enchanted Alice offered that same little hole with a sit function to jump into, which was a bit clunky. The animation took a little start and then I was dropped down the rabbit hole!

This room was planned for fun and guess what? There was no entrance fee!

So, where to start?! The sim was magnificent!  It represented everything and more that I recalled from the story! I felt like Alice: startled, amused, delighted, and awed all at the same time. The Madhatter certainly planned a grand party!  Each little world showed me new adventures. The sim was crafted with the skill of a designer that really loved Carroll's work and wanted to give the SL community something to enjoy.  The scenarios were fun and easy to explore and the transitions from one to another were flawless.  
I had fun wandering the black and white checkered world of Alice and getting surprised by a squid monster that trumped the Jabberwocky!  Just as I thought my senses were gathered, this crazy sim would teleport me to yet another grand part to walk, stumble, dance, run, and touch everything around me.   The worlds provided spacious places to play, pose and enjoy with a friend!
This sim has a complete thumbs up compared to my first search for Alice and her cohorts.  I think the only people I didn't meet up with was TweedleDee and TweedleDum, but then that was "Through The Looking Glass!" Hmmm, I bet the Madhatter is hard at work creating the next big adventure for that one! I'll most certainly be back to find out! OHH, I almost forgot to say, that there are plenty of places and things to sit on...
Here are some more exploration picks I collected while having fun in the land of Enchanted Alice.

Don't mess with Alice!
A very macabre dinner!


playing delicious tunes
the Jabberwocky dance


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