Monday, January 4, 2016


I have always loved music! I was the girl that had a myriad of cassette tapes that ranged in many different genres. I had alternative, big-band, country, jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal, pop-rock, soul; you name it, I had it! Do you remember the old brown cassette tape case that could hold about 30 cassette tapes?

I had 4 of them in my car during high school and added cd collections when I was in college for all my friends’ listening experiences! So, when I started Second Life, I found the Live Music scene. I represented a few musicians and helped behind the scenes with a lot of Live Music events in SL. Now, I’m taking a break from promoting any musicians on Second Life, but I still am connected to the music scene. Other than Live Music, I’ve been listening to more DJ’s on Second Life, exploring great sims, and touring some great art galleries. These new interests has lead me to want to help my friend with his spot on a Live Radio Station called Crim Radio at
Please check out the website, they invite new artists and their music, so SL musicians could get more song exposure during his show! You can also view more information on his Facebook page: DJ Thorne at
Slo-Motion Promotion~Bringing you music you want to hear. It’s time to let the music out!

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