Saturday, January 5, 2013

**!!SHOUT OUT!!**

You do know about IndieSpectrum Radio, don't you?

Several artists have signed up with IndieSpectrum Radio because it's a way to share originals throughout SL.

Both Bluemonk Rau and Joe Paravane are featured there as well!

Many venues play the ISR between gigs and while there are no events.
If you are a venue owner please consider doing this to support SL music.

IndieSpectrum Radio:: A place where the artists can be heard and put their original songs on the SL radio

IndieSpectrum Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 since November 2007! As of Jan 2012 they had over 275 SL artists and over 2200 original songs on the play list. IndieSpectrum Radio is in the top 15% of all Shoutcast stations with nearly 40,000 unique listeners and over 32,000 listening hours per month.

 You can support IndieSpectrum Radio by PayPal, by $L IW and by playing the radio steam at your venue between shows :)

please visit the website for more info:

Please help support SL artists! They will thank you and appreciate it :)

IndieSpectrum Radio is created by
Fox Reinsch in SL

Under About Land in the "Sound" tab paste:

I'm a proud supporter and am glad to shout it out!
Sloane Cerise
Bringing You The Music You Want To Hear~It's time to let the Music out!

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